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Chrome in iOS, history.pushState will casue bottom toolbar to disappear. So don't use history.pushState.

How to disable overflow-x scrollbar in monaco-editor? options => wordWrap: 'on'

Safari don't send browser cookies during a 302 redirect Safari executes redirect before reading all headers, set-cookie did after redirect. In iOS 15.3.1, set-cookie did behind redirect.

Nest.js, Error: Can't set headers after they are sent to the client

OpenWrt can't resovle domain DNS to Local Area Network,LAN.

Uncheck Network => DCHP and DNS => General Settings => Rebind protection

NestJS Request Lifecycle.

In general, the request lifecycle looks like the following:

  1. Incoming request
  2. Globally bound middleware
  3. Module bound middleware
  4. Global guards
  5. Controller guards
  6. Route guards
  7. Global interceptors (pre-controller)
  8. Controller interceptors (pre-controller)
  9. Route interceptors (pre-controller)
  10. Global pipes
  11. Controller pipes
  12. Route pipes
  13. Route parameter pipes
  14. Controller (method handler)
  15. Service (if exists)
  16. Route interceptor (post-request)
  17. Controller interceptor (post-request)
  18. Global interceptor (post-request)
  19. Exception filters (route, then controller, then global)
  20. Server response

Why have typescript property decorators stopped working after an upgrade?

The fix for TypeScript property decorators breaking when you upgrade TypeScript is to add "useDefineForClassFields": false to your tsconfig.json.

iPhone 快速投屏到 Mac

No colorized output

Docker 日志突然就木有颜色了。 ANSI codes has been removed.

Relate to

Try adding tty: true to the service config.

2    image: powerfulyang/
3    container_name:
4    restart: always
5    command: npm run start
6    env_file:
7      - ./
8    tty: true
9    logging:
10      driver: gelf
11      options:
12        gelf-address: udp://localhost:12201
13    networks:
14      - default
15      - public

Windows 键盘按 Win 键无效

Fn + Win 会使 Win 失灵